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Pilot Employment Opportunities

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Welcome to Pilot Jobs. This small site is designed for the American aviator who is seeking employment as a professional pilot. Here at Pilot Jobs we present the most current jobs available. Some of the RSS feeds below will also contain aviation related non-pilot jobs, but by and large, our feeds below are mostly made up of commercial pilot positions. This site simply combines the most useful RSS feeds designed for pilots who are seeking work. If you are a pilot and you know of a useful feed which is not listed here, we would appreciate it if you would let us know about it.

Here you will also find news stories that may be of interest to the pilot seeking employment. Airline hiring developments, overseas hiring activity, new start-up airlines, changes in commercial hiring practices, and any story that may have an affect on the hiring of pilots are examples of the type of stories presented here.

Because we have presented both available pilot jobs and aviation news concomitantly, we believe this modality of presentation is unique and therefore should have some utilitarian value for the American aviator.

Given the rapid aviation sector expansion in China, India, and other areas of the world, we felt that this list should also include pilot jobs available in other countries, but a greater emphasis will be on those jobs which are available in the United States. For those adventure minded pilots who don’t mind relocating overseas, the opportunities are excellent. India and China are currently in desperate need of qualified pilots due to their rapidly expanding aviation sectors. For pilots who simply want to fly and be compensated for their efforts, and who really do not care where they fly, China and India present opportunities.

For the pilot who has been having difficulty finding a decent job in the United States, it might not be a bad idea to obtain a pilot job overseas and do the critical hour building in the make and model of aircraft you desire to fly in the United States. You would then be in a optimal position to obtain desirable work back in the states.

Pilot Jobs For the American Aviator - Image

Remember that the general population within the United States will always need to fly. So patients is a virtue for the aspiring professional pilot. If you love to fly, you will eventually find the right job. The following is the most current listing of pilot jobs. This list will be updated daily and in some cases, updated more then once per day. It should be stated that we in no way claim to be the author of these RSS feeds. The service provided here simply provides an amalgamation of current available pilot jobs with some aviation news, which should be beneficial to the commercial pilot who is seeking employment.

Pilot Jobs

  • Dassault Falcon 10
    We are looking for a qualified First Officer on Falcon 10 Read more »
  • Dassault Falcon 10
    We are looking for a qualified captain on Falcon 10 Read more »
  • Dassault Falcon 20
    We are looking for a qualified Captain on Falcon 20. Read more »
  • Part 91 BE400 SIC
    NORTH CENTRAL AVIATION (Beechjet 400 SIC - St. Paul, Minnesota) 670 County Road B, West St. Paul, MN 55113 Tel: NO PHONE CALLS Fax: ... Read more »
  • Flight Instructor CFI CFII MEI Needed! 150+hrs/m
    Perform those flight instructor duties authorized by the Federal Aviation Regulations in accordance with our approved Training Courses. Ensure your ... Read more »
    CITATION LATITUDE CAPTAIN / PIC LIVE AND WORK IN BEAUTIFUL ORLANDO FLORIDA Recession proof law firm, Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys is seeking ... Read more »
  • Survey Pilot
    Aerial Services Inc. is a full-service Aerial Mapping and Photography company. We are currently seeking and accepting applications for a Full Time ... Read more »
  • Freight Pilot
    Mustang Aviation is accepting resumes for a part 135 Cargo Pilot to be based in Pierre,SD or Sioux Falls, SD with weekly commute. Position available ... Read more »
    A320 CAPTAIN for LOONG AIR CHINA - EXCELLENT PACKAGE:  Hong Kong Connected Aviation Partners Ltd. on behalf for Loong Air is currently ... Read more »
  • Flight Instructor
    Are you a flight instructor looking to join the best flight school in the country? We are always looking for safe, enthusiastic, and effective flight ... Read more »
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News for the American Aviator

  • Furlough Estimates
    It is admittedly morbid, but for those of us on the bottom half of the seniority list there is value in planning and preparing for a furlough. For most of us that means updating logbooks and resumes, reconnecting with professional networks (I opened Linked In for the first time in… Read more »
  • Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Michael A. PuehlerReexamination of Airmen Tested by Michael A. Puehler
    8900.555 - Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Michael A. Puehler – Document Information www.faa.gov A decade+? That's bigly, Read more »
  • Room with a View!Room with a View!
    Staying at a cool hotel? Got an awesome view out the window? Post it up here! Renaissance ATL 9th floor Read more »
  • Garmin held hostageGarmin held hostage
    That's kinda scary to rely on cloud based systems. Hopefully the aviation apps can still be used offline. Will Garmin pay $10m ransom to end ransomware attack with 3 day outage Garmin is being asked to pay a $10 million ransom after a cyberattack has taken down its systems and… Read more »
  • ATC resourcefulness, ASI incident video
    ASI makes some good videos, but this one was especially interesting. A GA aircraft in IMC on an RNAV approach at night loses all electrical, but ATC never loses the aircraft as it goes off course and assumes there must be a communication issue. So they go into full private… Read more »
  • Local Partnership VS ATP
    I’m back!!! Again… for like the third or fourth time lol. I have been very slowly accumulating flight time flying part 61 with a local instructor. When I say slowly, I mean painfully slowly. My very first flight ever was 8/7/13 and 4.5 years later, I am at a lowly… Read more »
  • Site near Marquette picked as rocket launch site
    Site near Marquette picked as rocket launch site A rocket blasting toward the heavens over Lake Superior. What could be more Pure Michigan than that? The push to turn Michigan into one of a handful of states with active space launch operations has a new milestone. An undeveloped, 3-mile stretch… Read more »
  • Jobs during F-word
    I've wasted the past 3ish months on a paid staycation, but now that the F word is becoming more real, I feel like the staycation should soon come to an end. I don't foresee any flying jobs to be available (save maybe a couple for the most networked among us)… Read more »
  • Well duh!
    Airport Details for RJTT 100123 EUECYIYN (J1717/20 NOTAMR J1132/20 Q)RJJJ/QLJAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/3533N13947E005 A)RJTT B)2007100120 C)2010100300 EST E)APCH-GUIDANCE-LGT NR1-1 FOR RWY 16R/16L-U/S DUE TO TROUBLE Read more »
  • July & August Virtual JC Happy Hour ChatsJuly & August Virtual JC Happy Hour Chats
    Zoom meeting info attached Ops Guest is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: JC Virtual Happy Hour Time: Jul 25, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Every week on Sat, until Sep 5, 2020, 7 occurrence(s) Jul 25, 2020 07:00 PM Aug 1, 2020 07:00 PM… Read more »
  • Swayne coming to a 121 near youSwayne coming to a 121 near you
  • Army / Air Nat Guard pilot jobs
    I've been forwarded a few postings for pilot jobs in the air national guard And army national guard (Rhode Island), but it was unclear to me if the positions are available to civilians. Anyone here have any insight? Thanks, Fix Read more »
  • It took a long time, but...
    I made the last payment on my student loan. Read more »
  • Icelandair flight attendants fired...
    Icelandair fires their flight attendants after contract negotiations fall through I'm actually left shocked and speechless; what in the world is this going to turn into? Read more »
  • Delta New Hire Pilot Townhalls
    Apparently, there’s going to be a special townhall for the last two new hire pilot classes…followed by a future townhall for all new hire pilots ? If so, insert all info learned in this space: Read more »
  • Random question for fighter pilots
    So very random question here. Your external stores like drop tanks and missiles, how do they compare in paint condition/cleanliness compared to the aircraft in general? Read more »
  • Qantas 747's are history
    'Farewell Fit for a Queen': Qantas Boeing 747 Flies Over Sydney for Last Time Read more »
  • NJC 2020
    What's the decision matrix here? Is it gone gone, or has the bridge not been crossed? Is there a threshold we have to meet? I've never met any of you, but I've been around for awhile, and thought this might be my year. Read more »
  • Omni Dispatch?
    Hi everyone, I used to work for a small charter carrier and got laid off back in March. I was still very much so at the beginning stages of my dispatch career (where you have garbage poverty wages), and I'm wondering what I should expect with OAI? I have student… Read more »
  • COVID Infection Rate, Pilots Vs Flight Attendants
    A buddy at another airline tells me that pilots have 450% more COVID19 infections than flight attendants and far more than other employee groups. Discuss, discuss. Read more »
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